Friday, November 23, 2007

5th International Comics Showroom - Veles 2007

Something to show off
Me receiving the award
My Bulgarian friend Daniel Atanasov (aka Satanasov) receiving his award for last year.
Bane Kerac Giving tips on drawing human anatomy to young artists.

Well, I guess I'll have to tell you something that's important for me and my work. The most important comic event in our country took place for the 5th time in Veles, that's the International Comic Showroom. We were guests (Macedonian team: Me, Davor Dramikanin, Zdravko Girov, The Mico, Nikola Temkov, Smile Cvetanovski, Toni Anastasovski, young artist Darko Bogdanov, ...), along with the guests from Serbia (Bane Kerac - my biggest hero and teacher, Marko Stojanovic - the greatest scriptwritter of the new generation, Srdjan Nikolic-Peka - great artist and also a big influence, Nadica Lukic - a girl with new fresh visions about the direction that comics can take) and Bulgaria (Daniel Atanasov - Bulgaria's No.1 comic artist, Sibila and Ivan Koritarevi - young and modern artists with fresh approach to comics and illustrations).

And now, I'll try to be modest as I can and I'll say: I WON THE FIRST PRIZE!!! The awarded comic is "That's the way it was in the Old West" (you can see it on this blog). The second and the third prize went to Marko Stojanovic (as a scriptwritter, with two different artists, Denis Dupanovic and Milorad Vicanovic-Maza). The award for inovation in comics went to Nadica Lukic. There were two special awards this year - the Kids Awards: award for kids to 15 yrs went to Ivana Kocevska, and the award for youngest contestant went to Martin Maznev.

I must admit that I was very excited that I had a chance to spend some time with, maybe the greatest comic artists that ex-Yu ever had (acording to me), Bane Kerac. I grew up reading his comics and watching those amazing characters, worlds, ... The most unique thing about his work I think is his sense of humor (unbeatable). And now something for the education of the younger readers, his most popular characters are Cat Claw, Kobra, Billy the Pljuc, Yu Tarzan.,


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Pa cestitam !! jel bila nagrada u stripovima?

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