Sunday, March 2, 2008

Some Real Quick Ones

Those are some very qiuck illos DONE FOR FUN. I've always enjoyed doing black & white noir-like stuff, there's always more drama in them.

Famuos Dudes From The History

ALBERT EINSTEIN having troubles with his friends baby. Well It ain't phisycs, you know!

CHARLES DARWIN (as we all know, bald head, long white beard) writting a letter.

NIKOLA TESLA and his giant-toothed aunts.

The celebrity stuff continues.

Professional Stuff for kids to 15 years

Whooo! Watch where you're going, hoss! I know she's a looker, but, ...

Keep it up, boys, keep it up!!!

Aaa, ... What!

And the old man says: It's been a while since I had those stomach butterflies, son, now all I got are the stomach butterfarts, but It ain't bad, ... trrrt, wow, see!

Some constant stuff I'm doing for our children magazine. Some of the illos should be funny.
I just hope they are.

For The Kids ...