Saturday, June 14, 2008

Clint Eastwood

One of my biggest heroes ... ever. The living legend, Mr. Eastwood.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tex Willer

One of my favorite western comic book heroes, of course with Ken Parker and Mike Blueberry.
I've always liked the artists that worked on Tex, such Giants as Giovanni Ticci, Claudio Villa, Fabio Civitelli, Carlo Marcello, Raffaelle Della Monica, Fernando Fusco, ...
This is my small tribute to all of them.

Cover For A Children Book

A cover for some children book that I did a few days ago along with some inner illustrations posted bellow.

Inner Ilustrations For A Children Book

Book Cover

This is a cover for a book that I did two weeks ago, and I enjoyed reading it. It's an intensed thriller by one of our greatest writters, Velko Nedelkovski.

Kids, Kids, ... Kids

The Watermellon - Flowers illustration. The summer's coming.

For all the comic book lovers - Kit Carson, the famous ranger in the role of this little girl's grandfather.

Writters, Artists, Scientists, ...

Mark Twain having some conversation while riding on a train

One of the most excentric artists af all time ... the Great Salvador Dali

Not very pleasant conversation between writter Honore De Balzac and scientist Friedrich Humboldt.

Some New Kids Stuff